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Dream 5-Pack: Wake Up Ready To Start The Suburbs Reflektor Rebellion (Lies) Jimmy Eat World Kinda like Weezer-lite, but still they have so many songs that would be welcomed additions to anyone’s playlist.Dream 5-Pack: The Middle Pain Bleed American Blister My Best Theory Brand New K, my last emo pick I promise.) Obviously I’m leaving out the obvious Led Zepplin, Pink Flloyd, The Beatles, Metallica etc., so don’t even bother commenting about that.

Dream 5-Pack: The Devil In I Wait And Bleed Before I Forget Duality Psychosocial So that’s it.

All compliments aside I wanted to ask the community what noticeable holes are in our official Rocksmith DLC playlists.

The following is just my opinion and please tell me how wrong I am and what I missed in the comments (but more importantly, request songs!

Dream 5-Pack: Psycho Killer This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody) Burning Down The House And She Was Life During Wartime Van Halen This band might be on the “too expensive/hard/impossible” to license list, but screw that, they are 80s rock.

Even the Sammy stuff I love and being able to tap through “Eruption” would be simply the best.

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