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Revised sentence: II am just getting out there after of a bad relationship and friends suggested I do this so here goes.

I am cute, girly, social, and have overcome a lot in my life.

Revised sentences: Ultimately, I revised my profile introduction paragraph to follow this template: here is who I am specifically, here is who I am looking for and what I want, and here is where I am at with dating in general.

I found that by spending the majority of the page on who I am, keeping it focused on personality traits that make me me rather than my appearance, I had more responders in general, and the majority of them were more compatible with me.

The problem with making our own profile overly focused on appearance is that it is likely to draw in women who are overly focused on appearance.

Original sentence: The content may be accurate, but since the basic profile questions ask about appearance and my pictures show it, so I tried to refocus on personality traits that tell more about who I am rather than how I look.

Have you felt like the wrong women are attracted to your online dating profile? Kim Baker is an educator, freelance writer, and blogger whose writing explores lesbian dating in the digital age.

I believe we are all better when we can learn from each other. Drawing on 20 years of dating, she redefines dating through the lens of mindfulness and connection.

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And yes, I really went out with both of them before cleaning up my profile.) Here I share 3 tips that helped me revise my online profile introduction and get visitors to my profile who were more compatible with me.I have worked hard to get where I am and don’t want any drama in my life. I realized online dating is sort of like customer service – things really work better when organizations consider the customer experience.When someone comes to my profile, it’s to find out who I am honest and expect someone to be honest and loyal as well.Not that meeting all kinds of women didn’t make for some interesting conversations, but that’s a different story entirely.To get the free full PDF version of my original and revised profile click here to download.

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