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Released in the summer of 1968 to critical acclaim, Heart garnered Locke an Academy Award nomination, as well as a pair of Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actress and Most Promising Newcomer.

Her next role was as Melisse in Cover Me Babe (1970), originally titled Run Shadow Run, She was also featured in William A.

“If criticism is to be made of advice given by a particular Crown prosecutor, the appropriate manner in which it should be addressed is via the processes of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.” There have also been questions in legal circles as to whether Justice Mc Clellan has a conflict of interest in questioning Ms Cunneen, who has successfully prosecuted a large number of high-profile sexual assault cases.

As a NSW Supreme Court judge, Justice Mc Clellan has twice been critical of Ms Cunneen’s conduct as a Crown prosecutor.

Ms Cunneen noted that the psychologist's notes from that time read: “Pt (patient) had been coach’s pet … no significant sexual behaviour other than his suggestive comments and touches (not intimate).” Ms Cunneen’s advice stated that while Volkers was “a thoroughly disreputable man given to inappropriate touching” there was no reasonable prospect of conviction.

Her advice was endorsed by the then DPP Nick Cowdery, QC.

“Her husband’s statement indicates that he met Volkers then and apparently did nothing to discourage the association even though both Ms Gilbert and her husband say she told him of Volkers’ abuse shortly before they were married three years before.” In addition, another alleged victim had seen a psychologist in 1988.

She has worked with Clint Eastwood, who was her companion for over 13 years.

Her autobiography, The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly – A Hollywood Journey, was published in 1997. April 26, 1946) from Bayne's subsequent brief marriage to William B. When Bayne married Alfred Locke in 1948, Sandra and Donald adopted his surname.

The Herald understands it was also backed up by Mark Tedeschi, QC.

The final decision rested with the Queensland DPP, Leanne Clare, SC. A spokeswoman for the royal commission confirmed Ms Cunneen and Mr Cowdery would be called.

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