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)convict, and it went a little something like this. All Naruto wants is for Sasuke to stay and heal, but Sasuke seems determined to keep hurting himself. Dedicated to those of us not quite content with the Chapter 700 ending.] After the death of his parents, Sasuke thought that nothing would ever feel bright again.But then he takes a risk and accepts a job at his old kindergarten, and finds himself quickly developing a crush on the warm, sun-shiny Naruto-sensei. But family has never been a simple thing for Naruto or Sasuke.Sasunaru dating is a free online game within the category of interactive fiction, love, ninja, romance, simulation game.Here you can play free online Sasunaru dating games and find a lot of dating, sasunaru, simulation, romance, ninja, love, interactive fiction games in different category like games and more. Sasuke x Naruto Every five years a celebration takes place in Konoha.Still no one can change Naruto's decision of the way how he will visit the festival. When someone takes the Kyubi no Kitsune from Naruto… Wherever you are, whatever you do, and whoever you talk to, remember to always look Underneath the Underneath. Realizing that his friend isn't well, he finally finds the words that Naruto needs to hear.Both teachers and students have been taken by Uzumaki-sensei's cheerful and hopeful personality.It isn't likely that Sasuke will be the one to take the teacher's heart. Naruto and Sasuke go on a disaster of a mission, leaving the Uchiha missing and Naruto...

He thinks he's past his feelings and avoiding the object of his past affections would be much simpler now.

COMPLETE.chapter 13 and epilogue: COMPLETE SHOUNEN AI Sasu Naru sequal to Like an Angel Sasuke doesn't seem to act normally, and Naruto is confused as strange things begin to happen that both pulls himself to and pushes him away from the other boy.

Naruto grows up without knowing what an alpha, beta or an omega is.

Due to this tragedy he has to move in with his new adoptive family who're known as the Uchihas. However, that game soon is forgotten when the two start flirting together.

How will his relationship with Sasuke develop over time as they grow up? Sasuke Uchiha and Nurse Naruto Uzumaki are stuck in a elevator. (Sasuke x Naruto.) Sasuke never met a werewolf before and Naruto was greatly startled at the sight of the boy with cherry red lips, stained with blood.

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