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The attorney generals office says state law authorizes it to investigate Medicaid fraud and patient abuse or neglect.Covert video surveillance is a type of search, Del Greco said, but because the office obtained consent from every resident or guardian whose care was recorded, it didnt need a warrant.

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Beyond this, a LTC facility's obligations under HIPAA may be implicated by the installation of granny cams in residents' rooms.When she suspected that her 95-year-old mother, suffering with dementia, was being mistreated in a private, residential-care home in Columbus in 2010, she looked into placing a spy camera in her mothers room. When an aide finally arrived to find that Masters mother had soiled the bed, the aide blew up and yelled at her, Master said.From her own research, she determined that it violated privacy laws. She was inches from my moms face, and my moms head was down like a scolded child.You are the exception if you haven't had a family member put a video camera in a resident's room. While multiple states are currently considering proposed legislation that would forbid long term care (LTC) centers from prohibiting the installation of granny cams in residents' rooms, only four states, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington, have enacted such legislation.Sometimes they do it secretly, like in a digital photo frame, and sometimes they put them in plain view. In Maryland, granny cams may be installed in a nursing home resident's room, but only if the resident's facility allows them.

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