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And Taylor is more than happy to have some fun before AND during their workout…however little there is of it.

Continue reading Taylor Reign and Allen King show that when you’re horny and resourceful you don’t need a bed or even a stick of furniture to experience an exciting afternoon of outdoor summer sex at Camp Cocky Boys.

However he makes an exception to his rules with an after-hours invitation to sweet but persistent club goer Taylor Reign.

Later as they chat on his well-appointed terrace Jacen remains guarded, but when Taylor puts subtly seductive moves on him, Jacen’s lust shatters his rules and he brings him inside where they kiss at length with romantic passion.

They start kissing and Taylor pulls out his stepbrother’s hard cock and wraps his eager mouth around it taking it deep inside.At first it’s just Calvin and Taylor, sitting among the grass and wildflowers, quickly getting playfully affectionate and kissing.Shorts soon slide down and hard cocks pop out, followed by Calvin going down on Taylor whose wandering hand and fingers find their way to Calvin’s ass.They make out slowly and sensuously and soon Taylor’s mouth finds another long-anticipated target: Alex’s sculpted hairy pecs and responsive nipples.Continue reading “I don’t want my job to be a graveyard of boys that never call back.” As the host of happening late night parties Jacen Zhu keeps things professional and doesn’t go after all the hot guys around him.

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