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I'm a honest person with average expectations. I'm not rich, I'm not blind, not handsome.He said: 'The idea came after I realised that all the TV stations in Albania had more or less the same face and the same political message from either the left or the right and I wanted to offer something independent and with a fresh face.' Miss Bracaj, who studies public relations at the local university, said she was getting so many friend requests and messages on her Facebook page that she could not even read them all, never mind reply, and thanked her fans for their support.Yet Albania’s deal took six years to negotiate with the EU, which does not bode well for British stability.There is no free movement only because visa-free travel was rejected.Who knows where we will be in another 17 years’ time, in 2033?Discussion, compromise, trade deals, arguments – all these things are part of an ongoing relationship.

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He shook hands, but when I started asking questions he just stared at me then strode off with his burly minder.But certainly Albania has struggled to escape the legacy of Europe’s most paranoid and suffocating Communist dictatorship, which cut off the country from outsiders before coming to an end 25 years ago.There are few visible signs of those 45 years when private cars were banned and even the number of chickens a family could own was controlled by the state, beside thousands of concrete bunkers littering the landscape and a derelict rocket-shaped museum to former despot Enver Hoxha.That bemused donkey-vendor was far from the only local here to laugh at talk of Britain emulating their country. There were similar sentiments from Zef Preci, former government minister and executive director of the Albanian Centre for Economic Research, who struggled to stop smirking at the idea anyone might want to mimic an ‘Albanian model’.‘This is just a joke, surely,’ said Donika Mici, the nation’s biggest shoe exporter with five factories and 1,000 workers. ‘It’s a joke – we do not even have a model,’ he said, pointing out his nation was responsible for just 0.1 per cent of European trade.

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