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The front desk staff of the Hotel Sofyan are trained to catch out any couples who look like breaching the hotel's adherence to sharia law."If they are not married, they cannot stay here," explains Asep, one of the front desk staff.

People caught gambling and drinking alcohol have for some years been punished with public canings.In Indonesia's Aceh province, offences against Sharia, such as sex before marriage or gay sex, are punishable with jail and public caning.Jakarta has no such rules, but a Sharia hotel is free to refuse to check-in couples who are not married."We don't have a proper regulation saying that you must bring your marriage certificate," Asep said."So we can see it from their body language."In particular "their behaviour, shyness, awkwardness, you can see it if they are married," he added. Online Airbnb-style room rental sites like Zen Rooms often carry ads with the word "Syariah" (Sharia) that means unmarried couples are not welcome.The father of one of the defendants, who requested anonymity, said he did not know his son was gay before he was caught.'This is an ordeal for our family,' he said.'After this problem is resolved, we will send him to an Islamic boarding school to be educated so he won't be deviant any more.'The couple are believed to be the two men who were slapped by vigilantes who broke into their home and arrested them for having gay sex in a shocking video in March.

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