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AMH-TCM services are not: Minnesota must comply with federal regulations in order to receive Federal Financial Participation (FFP) and documentation is necessary to demonstrate compliance.

These case managers and associates must successfully complete the Department of Human Service’s (DHS) AMH-TCM web-based curriculum as part of the approved training.

Face-to-face contact of less than once per month must be supported by an evaluation of the person’s functioning and preferences, and planned in the ICSP.

In fee-for-service, AMH-TCM (non-tribe-run provider agency) reimbursement is a monthly rate paid if at least one of the following occurs: However, reimbursement for qualifying services should not be interpreted as the service standard for face-to-face contact frequency. Tribe-run provider agency reimbursement is the “daily Indian Health Services encounter rate” for that tribe for each face-to-face contact with the member during which a qualifying AMH-TCM service is provided consistent with the ICSP (within other “encounter rate” rules).

AMH-TCM agencies run by or under contract with a county or tribe are eligible to provide Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) MH-TCM services.

Eligible providers are case managers or case manager associates (CMA) employed by an AMH-TCM agency and meet qualifications in Minnesota Statute.

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