Dating fender bassman reissue

Fall 1964 Stratocaster : Gold Fender peghead decal thicker than previous "spaghetti" logo. Plastic white three layer pickguard replaces celluloid.

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Around 1996-97 - Fender virtually stopped using Tweed on regular production model tube amps. The Blues Deluxe and Blues Deville got up-graded to Hot Rod status with an extra foot switch-able lead boost added for a quasi-3rd channel.

Also a thin aluminum shield the size of the pickguard is installed underneath the pickguard.1961 Stratocaster : Peghead decal logo now has 2 patent numbers (2,573,254 & 2,741,146) 1962 Stratocaster : Peghead decal logo now has 3 patent numbers (2,960,900 added) Mid 1962 Stratocaster : Veneer Rosewood fingerboard.

Bottom of fingerboard (part glued to maple) is arched. This transitions in with the smaller side dots becoming pearl after the larger 1/4" top dots become pearl.

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