Dating and marriage in bolivia

The great majority of European descendants are of Spanish origin, although fairly large German, North American and Italian communities exist as well.

There are also smaller Asian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Jewish, Mennonite, Swiss, Dutch and other minority groups.

The opposition boycotted the meeting, however, claiming that the document is illegal because it was not approved by the required two-thirds majority.

Regardless of the opposition, the government plans to submit the document to a referendum in 2008". 10, 2008, President Morales won the vote on a recall winning with 63.5 percent of voters who were in full support of his administration.

Hampered by internal strife, Bolivia lost great slices of territory to three neighboring nations. military advisers, the Bolivian army smashed the guerrilla movement, capturing and killing Guevara on Oct. A string of military coups followed before the military returned the government to civilian rule in 1982, at that time Hernán Siles Zuazo became president.

Several thousand square miles and its outlet to the Pacific were taken by Chile after the War of the Pacific (1879–1884). With his ptresidency, Bolivia had workers striking on a regular basis due to this the country had the lowest per capita income in South America".

But the existence of a large indigenous group forced to live under the thumb of their colonizers created a stratified society of haves and have-not that continues to this day.

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A new constitution that extended rights to all of the indigenous population who are the majority,was achieved also the new Constitution made way for the President to run for a second five-year term.

Many of these families settled in Bolivia several generations ago.

Bolivia also has a small Afro-Bolivian group who reside in the Yungas region, this group are descendants of the few slaves brought from Africa.

"After the Spaniards defeated the Incas in the 16th century, Bolivia's predominantly Indian population was reduced to slavery.

The remoteness of the Andes helped protect the Bolivian Indians from the European diseases that decimated other South American Indians.

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