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As a teenager, Murs even experienced racism on the dance floor.

"We would dance with Mexican girls or El Salvadorian girls, and when the lights came on, they’d act like they didn’t know us," the South Central native told MTV News.

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"Because their cousins would kill us or their brothers would f—k us up, so there was always that tension.” That issue is at the heart of “Mi Corazon,” the latest single off his album Have A Nice Life.

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Then, hopefully more people start throwing their stones and maybe we can make some change." For more information on racial bias and racism, visit Look Different.He takes on these issues because he doesn't think they're discussed enough. "That's why hip-hop exists, to make social change and to challenge people’s ideologies, stereotypes and ways of thinking." Murs hasn't just challenged listeners; he's also touched them deeply.Fans have told him, for example, that they feel more comfortable with themselves because of "Dark Skinned White Girls." "With ‘Animal Style,’ I’ve had people say that they came out to their parents because of that song," he revealed.In '06, for instance, he made “Dark Skinned White Girls” about stereotypes women face.Then, in 2011, he wrote “Animal Style,” a tragic song about a young gay couple and homophobia.

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